Using a Pavlok


Using a Pavlok

Using a Pavlok to Stop Porn

Pornography use has been linked with so many negative consequences as it interferes with normal daily behavior or responsibilities. To get their lives back together, many porn users are on the lookout for an effective and discreet means to break their porn habits. 

Pavlok is a device that uses the science of Aversion Therapy to break bad habits and reform its user. Aversion Therapy is a form of conditioning where the brain begins to associate the habit you wish to break with an unpleasant sensation. For example, you have ever gotten sick after eating a specific food; you begin to associate that food with sickness and avoid it. 

Pavlok is a wearable wrist device that uses electrical stimulation to help you associate pornography use with discomfort and kick the habit. It works by associating the habit you want to break (in this case, pornography) with a slightly uncomfortable electrical impulse. Within a few weeks of consistent use, your brain begins to associate porn with discomfort and builds an aversion to it.

Equipped with its smart SensorCore™ technology, Pavlok not only knows when you’re awake but also wakes you up each morning, refreshed and well-rested. Its wristband is designed to vibrate silently to wake you from sleep. If the vibrations are not enough to wake you up, Pavlok sends safe electrical impulses to your brain for an extra nudge. The sounds are imperceptible to your roommates, spouse, or kids so that you can be discreet about its use. 

The Pavlok device has both hardware and software parts. The hardware comprises the wristband and the module. The wristband is one size fits all and made from a lightweight silicone material. The module fits inside the wristband and houses the Bluetooth, rechargeable battery, and electronic components. The battery has a capacity for over 150+ tiny jolts of electric impulse and recharges very quickly, while the Bluetooth chip connects Pavlok to your smartphone.

A Pavlok device is really simple. It works by combining both the hardware and a mobile app to get you life-changing results. Once you download the app on any smartphone, you can begin with a 5-day audio course on habit change that will walk you through how to use your Pavlok to kick your porn addiction habit. You can also find courses to help you break other specific bad habits. Some habits will require you to manually press the button jolt yourself when you catch yourself doing them or craving them, e.g., porn use, nail-biting, smoking. You can also set up the app to help you control other habits, such as staying off time-wasting websites or waking up on time. This second option allows you to set automated shock options for those habits conveniently. 

To use Pavlok to kick your porn habit, you just have to press the button on the wristband or use the remote control on the smartphone app to send yourself a small electric shock whenever you find yourself craving or watching porn.

If you are worried about the safety of using a “shock” device, Pavlok has been certified as completely safe. The shock waves range from simple vibrations to a light tap and a stronger snap circuit to bring you out of your automatic thoughts and into the present. When worn correctly, the snap can only travel across 2 inches space on your wrist, not your entire body.

Pavlok is the only safe and effective device that can free you from the bondage of your porn habit, and all it takes is just the press of a button.

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