Porn Addiction


Porn Addiction

Pornography has become more widespread than ever because of the easy access to smartphones and the internet. Almost every internet user confesses to watching porn from time to time.

Watching porn can develop into a severe addiction that damages our personality over time. It might feel good at the moment, but we are totally unaware of the severe impacts it has on our mind and body. 

Once addicted, porn can overtake our lives, causing emotional emptiness, anger and overall damage to our psyche. Let’s take a look at the harms of porn addiction and why you should stop and quit porn as soon as possible. 

Porn arouses physical aggression

89% of porn includes physical aggression. The more abusive and aggressive a porn clip is, the better it is considered. In porn, as compared to reality, women are often treated in disrespectful and even offensive ways. Watching such porn induces violent fantasies in our mind, and we seek such cravings outside of screens in our daily lives. 

It increases aggressive behaviour and even makes some people commit real-life sexual harassments. The more porn we watch, the more we train our brains to seek satisfaction in such violent acts. 

Porn Destroys Values

In recent years, the highest searched terms on porn sites have shifted from “Teen” to “Milf” to “Step-mom” and even “Step-Daughter.” When you see such acts being praised and normalized in porn, you can’t help but develop perverted thoughts about opposite genders you work with, like teachers, colleagues and even your close relationships. 

At one point, you no longer have the morals you once had, and now you look at every person of the other gender as a sexual object. You also find it challenging to get aroused by your partner, and she doesn’t seem that interesting now. Your brain is so trained at looking for sexual cues in other people that you can’t stop yourself even if you wanted to. 

Your brain becomes dependent on porn 

You start feeling agitated until you don’t watch porn. Your mind becomes so used to seeking happiness from porn that you can’t help but keep thinking about it all the time. It distracts you in your daily life activities such as work or studies. 

You develop habits of compulsive masturbation, and your relationships start becoming affected because of it. You spend a lot of time browsing porn and sometimes the urge is too strong that you don’t even consider how much time you waste. 

Physical and Mental Damages

Mental effects aside, porn also has a damaging impact on your body.

People who watch porn are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction later on in life. Not only that, you find it challenging to perform in bed with sexual partners and to perform sex in real life doesn’t seem that appealing at all.

Physical problems with your sexual organs can lead to frustration, lack of self-esteem and an overall low mood in your day to day life. Your constant thoughts of perverseness make it challenging to concentrate and perform your duties with focus and attention.


Porn is a silent catastrophe that slowly damages the way we look at the world. Not only is it harmful to our mental health, but it also creates problems in our relationships and work. Understanding the intensity to how porn affects us and the signs of porn addiction, can help us quit this habit so we can bring a more positive change into our lives.

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