Signs of Porn Addiction


Signs of Porn Addiction

If you or someone you know has a tendency to engage with pornography regularly, it’s possible addiction could be a concern. Just viewing pornography doesn’t mean a person is addicted, though. It greatly depends on the behavior surrounding the addiction. The following are signs someone is addicted to pornography

You Miss Work or School

Pornography is entertainment or a pastime, not something that should come above priorities in life, such as work and school. If you’ve missed work or school just so you can have more time to visit porn sites or watch videos, it’s a sign that you may be addicted to it.

It Causes Relationship Problems

The use of pornography to improve a relationship is common. When it starts causing problems because one person is spending more time being entertained by it than pay attention to their loved one, that’s a sign of pornography addiction.

Decreases Libido

A common side effect of watching too much pornography is a loss of sex drive. It’s possible the person satisfies urges by looking at images and watching videos, so sex isn’t wanted anymore. This can cause issues with a partner who may feel neglected in the bedroom. 

You Can’t Get Enough of It

The more you engage with pornography, the more you want it. There’s this overwhelming urge to spend your time with pornography as much as possible and nothing else really matters. 

Leads to Financial Issues

Since most porn sites charge for the entertainment and you may need to purchase videos, you may be having some financial issues. When those financial issues start making it difficult to pay your mortgage and other important bills, pornography has likely become an addiction. 

It Causes Personality Changes

If you’re becoming angrier, demanding, and even anxious because you can’t seem to stop engaging with it, you may be suffering from pornography addiction. These behaviors may be directed at yourself or the people around you.

It’s Causing Depression

It may have excited you at first, but now that you feel you can’t stop, it’s depressing you. You may not participate in activities you used to enjoy because they just don’t make you happy anymore, or you tend to sleep more or less. You just feel down in the dumps all the time, and you don’t know how to get out the rut you’re in because of the control pornography has over you. 

People Notice a Problem

If you have people telling you that you have a problem with pornography, you likely do have one. It can be hard to hear that from people who may not truly know what you do behind closed doors, it’s always a good idea to consider whether or not they may be right. 

Stop Porn with Treatment

It is possible to stop porn addiction. All you have to do is reach out for help. With counseling, you can identify when you’ve become so engrossed in it, and then learn how you can start breaking away from it. Porn doesn’t have to continue ruining your life. Stop porn addiction today. Call us.

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