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Porn abuse and misuse wreak a lot of damage to the user. Just as porn abuse can have a detrimental effect on a person’s body, it can also significantly impact their mind. Porn addiction does not come out of the

Using Your Mind to Stop Porn At the emotional core of every addiction is the need to fill up a void and pornography addiction is no exception. However, the problem with pornography addiction is that it is a temporary salve for

The Link Between Pornography and Depression Even though it is hard to categorically say that viewing pornographic materials causes depression, studies have shown that there is a thin link between pornography and depression, because in most cases, viewers of pornography tend

Porn dependence is the continuous fixation on audio-visual or visual content that enhances a person's sexual responses and compels sexual stimulation or interest. Simply put, it is a continuous craving for porn. Although Porn dependence is not recognized by the

Pornography abuse is a complex subject shrouded in mystery, probably because of the shame and stigma associated with it. However, anyone that suffers from overexposure to pornography needs first to admit that they have a problem and need help. Without

Using a Pavlok to Stop Porn Pornography use has been linked with so many negative consequences as it interferes with normal daily behavior or responsibilities. To get their lives back together, many porn users are on the lookout for an effective

Porn addiction is a type of sex addiction that changes the brain and causes the user to seek compulsively seek pornography, even though it only brings more harm. The primary part of the brain affected is the ones responsible for

Addiction to pornography does not only affect one’s relationship, it is also capable of lowering one’s self-esteem. Many people who are addicted to porn always feel a sense of shame and disgrace thereafter. While it is speculative to consider the

Understanding how Porn took control of your life is somewhat reflective rather than an issue to be deliberated. So, you might want to look at the root cause for watching Porn and the effect it has in your life over

Breaking free of a porn addiction can be quite challenging. While it is possible to overcome it fully, sometimes drawbacks tend to happen. These Drawbacks are referred to as a "Relapse," especially related to issues concerning Addictions. Internet porn hooks