Coping With Pornography


Coping With Pornography

Victims of such gruesome acts like pornography have a hard time leading a normal life. They build a protective shell around them and make this their comfort-zone of deep-seated fears and anger and live as prisoners of their own sorrows. The horrible memories which are imprinted in their minds form ugly thought-patterns deep in their sub-conscious which ultimately distort their perception towards life to a great extent. As a result, they have difficulty trusting people. They are embittered, and regard every one with suspicion.  

It is not just the physical pain they have to bear but they have to contend with a mélange of emotions of guilt, shame, self-condemnation, blame, humiliation and so on for as long as they live. 

Physical wounds heal quickly with time, but the emotional and mental trauma are etched deeply in your sub-conscious mind and do not heal on their own. They are open wounds which fester with time so that you are ever smarting with the agony of it. These continue to play havoc with your life even under the most peaceful conditions. Moreover, these unresolved issues are carried forth lifetime after lifetime with each subsequent reincarnation.

It is thus in order to heal all inner wounds by confronting them through means of holistic healing and other spiritual practices which reach the subtle layers of your being and touch the core of your problems. Your sorrows are a stranglehold for your spirit. Once you are rid of the negativity within you, your soul is set free to fly in the Light of Peace. You then begin to experience greater well-being at all levels of your being.

All situations are an experience for the enrichment of a soul. No situation is good or bad. Sometimes a soul needs to go through fire in order to temper and refine itself, necessary for its spiritual evolution.

Optimism, forgiveness and hope are some of the tools which can help you overcome your inner turmoil, and to live with greater peace and acceptance.

It is commonplace to take the guilt of your oppressors upon yourself and blame yourself for the wrong done to you, because this is what our hypocritical society wants you to believe. Moreover, the victims of such severe crimes are not easily accepted by society; they are stigmatized and talked about wherever they go. Therefore these hapless ones not only have to go through the horror of the crime but also have to bear the pain of the callous attitude of the society in general. 

Know that you are not the offender. Spiritually speaking you are a clean, perfect soul. Whatever has happened with you is with the outer physical-body. In other words, your body is your house wherein you (the soul) dwell. Your spirit is unharmed; it is your house which has been robbed and looted – and that does not make you bad.

You have to take charge of your inner-self. Strengthen your body, mind and soul with courage and will-power. Fortify your physical-abode with positive thoughts and prayers. Your trauma and depression are further weakening your soul so that continue to pose as a vulnerable victim for further similar situations. 

People will continue to oppress you as long as you wallow in self-sympathy and shame. It is for you to put it all behind you and move on with greater optimism and peace. You have to understand that people are judging you from their lower consciousness which is not altogether in sync with the Universal Mind. They are perceiving life through the murky lenses of their ego-selves, and therefore their verdict is biased and invalid from the spiritual view-point. Dare to be happy in the face of life’s challenges!

What the Universe thinks of you is what really matters. The Universe judges no man. You are a child of the Universe; other people’s crimes do not make you unclean and undeserving of Its Love. The Universe loves you unconditionally, and that is reason enough for you to be joyful and at peace despite the insensitivity of the world around you. Live for the love of God, and not to pander to the slanderous opinions of the world. At the end of the day, you are ultimately accountable to the Almighty.

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  • porntrapped

    Good Evening my sibling in Christ. I appreciate this new website that you have created and are developing. Amazing content already although I can see it’s just the beginning. I myself am trapped in this sin of Porn for many years seeking freedom by God’s strength. May God Bless you in the content you develop and people you help.

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