What is Porngraphy?


What is Porngraphy?

Porngraphy is misspelled and the actual word is Pornography.

If you watch porn, then please spend more time working on and practicing your spelling.

Pornography is the representation of sexual, lewd, or erotic behavior in the form of books, magazines, videos, motion pictures, and any other form of media that is meant to arouse sexual excitement. In simpler terms, pornography is media in any form that is sexually explicit. Porn, porno, etc are some of the most common slang terms used to define porn. However, different materials can have different meanings in different contexts. What may seem sexually explicit to one culture may not be as much to the other. For example, the display of women’s uncovered ankles may be sexually explicit in some cultures, but it is seen as completely normal in western areas. In such a context, sexual explicitness is a necessary factor to deem something as pornographic. Because the anatomy books also show sexual depictions, but they are rarely used for sexual pleasures. So, any material that is intended to arouse sexual stimulation is regarded as porn. 

The word pornography is originally derived from a combination of two Greek words porni and graphien.  Porni means a prostitute and graphien means to write. Originally the word pornography means any work of art that depicts the life of prostitutes. In modern-day settings, the word porn is used to describe the activities of pornographic models that pose for still shoots or engage in filmed sex acts. 

Origin of Pornography

The origin of pornographic material cannot be pinpointed to the exact time as sexual depictions have existed since prehistoric eras. Erotic novels had started printing in the mid-1600s in France, however, in the 1800s the idea of porn for porn’s sake began to spread. The first full-length English porn novel named “Memoirs of a woman of pleasure” was published in 1748. 

One of the biggest innovations in the porn genre was the advent of technology. In 1839, Louis Daguerre invented the daguerreotype which was a primitive form of photography. It wasn’t long before the pornographers started taking advantage of the new technology. Similarly, video followed along and in 1896, Filmmakers in France were delving into short erotic silent clips in which an actress performed a striptease. 

Modern-day Pornography 

Hardcore sex started showing up after 1900, however the real revolution in porn started in the 1970s with the invention of the internet when explicit films started showing in public. The privately viewed rentals and internet downloads drove a big difference in the type of acts shown on-screen. In 1994 a study showed that around 48% of the porn viewed online was outside the realm of mainstream sex showing bestiality, incest, and bondage, etc. 

Today, the customs of buying porn cassettes and magazines are almost gone as most of the porn is seen on the internet. Porn is also among the most searched things on the internet. In 2019, Pornhub (a famous pornographic website) received over 42,000,000,000 views which equates to nearly 6 visits per person on Earth. Around 115 million people searched on pornhub on a daily basis in 2019.

However, this widespread, easy and mostly free access to porn has led many to consider it as a public health crisis. Often the one factor that concerns people is that prohibited actions are a crime in reality, why must they be fantasized about through porn.  Porn of this era is not merely a display of natural sexual intercourse, rather it has spread to many obscene and disturbing branches leading to not only physical but moral decay as well. It contributes to sexual dysfunction, risky behavior, toxic masculinity, undermines the sociosexual development of our youth, and ultimately plays a big role in destroying relationships.

My name is Edwin and I discovered my purpose for helping people learn how to overcome porn and understand the effects. I was introduced to porn at a young age and I was faced with the struggles of curbing these habits as it became more detrimental.After years of facing these challenges, I finally discovered ways to stop and quit porn. Today, I started this blog to share helpful and practical experiences of how to unshackle from the chains of porn.If you're an individual who is currently facing these same struggles, then you'll find proven techniques and guidance that can assist you in stopping and quitting porn. In my experience, I have learned the effects of porn to the psychological, emotional, and physical well-being of my body and mind. For this reason, I now strive to show individuals the consequences and effects of engaging in porn. I also understand that stopping and quitting these habits can be daunting, pressuring, and frustrating.So, i've employed an approach that is welcoming and non-judgmental to help you thrive and be encouraged to pick up more productive habits over time.I hope you'll find helpful material in this blog and feel free to reach out with any questions or if you'd like an accountability partner.

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