Obsessed with Pornography


Obsessed with Pornography

Wrong actions stem from bad habits that you indulge in unscrupulously. And when these wayward habits go unchecked, it leads to obsessions which are hazardous to one’s own self as well as to others. Habit-oriented actions do not require judgment, reason or logic. They are acts driven by the inner urge, created at the behest of your internal programming. 

Obsessions enfeeble the mind and make it vulnerable to the dark forces which lose no opportunity to take possession of it and play havoc with your life. Weak-minded people are those who have exerted no effort to control their errant minds. They are an open door to the dark energies. The negative entities create an undesirable lust in you to take pleasure in the sordid activities at the cost of the peace and happiness of the innocent people and children around you, and that of your own. Pornography is one such activity which ravages the purity and the innocence of a child. Atrocities meted out to children are the atrocities inflicted to your own inner child. Your spirit is thrashing in vain to free itself from the bondage of your dark adversaries, but it is too frail to fight the darkness. 

You need to strengthen your mind and fight to regain your power which you have unwittingly given away to the dark forces. Meditation and prayers can help draw greater amounts of Light into your being. The Light enables you to see the pitfalls on the path you are walking. As you increase your vibrations, all that is dense and dark will be flung away from your being. The evil cannot withstand the power of the Universal Light, and will be compelled to flee for cover. 

Moreover, the Light will help you see the Holy Spirit in the eyes of every child that you meet. The Light will raise your perception towards life so that you begin to live with greater respect and value for all beings on Earth. Your conscious-awareness acts as a sentry against the evil thoughts that intrude your mind; your will-power and determination to rise spiritually are the power-boosters which help to empower you in your efforts to transcend your negative mind-set.

Many a hard-core criminal yearns to lead a clean and peaceful life but is afraid of social rejection; he believes that he is not worthy to demand God’s Mercy. But the Universe does not judge or condemn anyone; it condemns the act, not the doer. You are loved unconditionally in the truest sense. Nevertheless, there is nothing stopping you from redeeming your evil ways. Spirituality is your birthright and you are not bound to live with eternal guilt and self-condemnation. 

When your intention to turn over a new leaf is sincere, the Universe will create opportunities for you to turn away from your lusty desires; you will meet the right people who will lead you to live a more wholesome life. The Universe knows that man is still on the lowest rung of the spiritual ladder, struggling to find his footing to climb higher. You have chosen to be here on Earth because your spirit desires to rise to great heights of spirituality, and this world serves as a training-ground for your spiritual progression. At the end of the day, it is all about striving to rise above your mistakes and to triumph over them. 

You only need to send a heartfelt call to the Universe to help you break-free from the entrapments of your obsessions, and the Universe will rush to your side to help you walk the bright, sunlit Path of the straight and narrow.

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